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  • Do crickets taste funny?
    Crickets have quite an earthy, nutty flavour. Nothing strong or distinctive. Even as a main ingredient in our brownies their subtle taste is drowned by the sweet deliciousness of the chocolate chips.
  • Will their legs get stuck in my teeth?
    No, the brownies are made with very fine cricket flour. There are no body parts present so nothing will get stuck in your teeth. If there’s something stuck in your teeth it’s not from us!
  • Is eating insects disgusting?
    Actually, 85% of the worlds population already eat insects. the human body has an enzyme in us that breaks down the exoskeleton of insects which means we are literally DESIGNED to eat them! So no - it is not disgusting, but history shows us why we might think they are. When Christopher Columbus’ team reported back about their encounters with other cultures in 1493, they said: “They eat all the snakes, the lizards, and spiders, and worms... their bestiality is greater than that of any beast upon the face of the earth.” In other words, he wasn't impressed and this stigma has stuck. We see insects as annoying, ugly and scary things, and even today TV shows depict eating them as a gross challenge. But cheese is made with bacteria, caviar is a fish eggs, and lobster looks like a giant bug, so surely we can get our heads around eating insects!
  • Is it cruel to kill insects?
    If you stamp on ants or swat bees then yes, that is cruel and pointless. But farmed insects are treated well and live 97% of their life before they become food, so eating them is not cruel. Insects play a vital role in the food chain and have been a healthy and sustainable food source for animals and humans all over the globe for millions of years.
  • How is eating insects good for me?
    Crickets are 69% complete protein, low in fats and rich in essential acids, potassium, iron, vitamins and minerals. Protein is the building block of life, it builds your muscles, bones and skin and repairs them when they are damaged.
  • Can I eat insects from my garden?
    NOOOOOOO!!!! Insects in the wild are in declined, pesticides and deforestation has killed too many, some are even exstinct. We need to eat insects from ethical farms where they have been fed well and certified as fit for human comsumption.
  • Why should I turn my box into a bug hotel?
    By making a bug hotel in yuor garden, you are encouraging the creating of a new ecosystem. Helping to increase the number of insects in our cities and countryside is crutial for our planet's survival. We need insects to pollinate our crops and wildflowers and they are essential for the food chain. Birds, bats, spiders, reptiles, amphibians, small mammals and fish, would have little or nothing to eat if it weren’t for insects.
  • Can I eat insects if I’m a vegetarian or vegan?
    It depends why you are veggie/vegan. If you eat a plant-based diet for sustainability reasons then yes you can eat insects. More insects die from us eating plants and livestock than if we just ate the insects directly therefore eating farmed crickets protects our insects and the planet's biodiverstiy.
  • Will I see any eye balls?
    Absolutely not. No body parts of any sort detected here.
  • How is eating insects good for the planet?
    Insects eat very little and live in close proximity to each other so no deforestation or land clearing is needed to house them. They also eat and drink very little therefore they add no pressure to the planet's water problems. When farming livestock, pesticides are used stop insects eating crops that feed the animals, however no pesticides are used when farming insects. This means there are no unnecessary chemicals going into our bodies or the soil.
  • Where do the crickets come from?
    Our crickets come from a certified, ethical farm in Malaysia. It’s not ideal that the flour has to be flown overseas, but farming insects in the UK would need stacks of energy to replicate the tropical climate cricekts need to survive. We offset all our air miles and are working on finding an even more green journey over for them. Eating insects farmed in Malaysia is still much better than producing livestock or most other alternative protein sources.
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