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Hook your students into learning about sustainable, nutritious eating through cooking with insects



Our Work With Schools

Putting climate change at the heart of education.










Chirpy Bakers is an educational teaching resource that enables students to make everyday choices that protect their environment. Whether you are looking for ways to hook students into a climate change curriculum, develop sustainability, build social responsibility, reduce eco-anxiety or bring responsible risk taking into the classroom: Chirpy bakers can work with you to create bespoke lesson plans to fit your school's needs.








How will the sessions benefit your students?

Trying new things, stepping outside of comfort zones, taking responsible risks, facing fears, succeeding in non academic environments, feeling proud, developing confidence, building resilience, encouraging aspirations, engaging in solution focussed learning, social responsibility, reducing eco-anxiety, forming personal values and beliefs, connecting with nature, making a positive difference, living well.









What do our sessions include?

Practical, fun learning experiences that enable children to understand the nutritional needs of humans, how our current food choices impact climate change and allows them to explore the benefits of insects as a sustainable, alternative source of protein


The students will mill their own insect flour, bake their own insect brownies and eat whole roasted grasshoppers (if they dare!). A vegan, protein rich alternative recipe is also available on request.


All preparation and planning, linking to teaching objectives from the National Curriculum is done.

With many cross curricular links we can provide suggested follow up tasks.


We would love to chat to the relevant person from your school to discuss how we can create a package that meets the needs of your students. 

Jude Marwa

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